100 Layer Cake is a popular and fast-growing blog dedicated to wedding design and DIY projects, and wanted to create a series of tutorial videos on making easy and affordable craft items.

Collaborating between the designers of 100 Layer Cake and the photography of Scott Clarke Photography, we identified a brand personality in the videos that was fun, light-hearted, and old-fashioned. The short spots were shared across numerous respected wedding blogs, including Lauren Conrad’s.


100 Layer Cake Tutorials


100 Layer Cake

What We Did


Hair Bow

The cute, simple hair bow style was a popular styling for summer brides in 2013, and 100 Layer Cake collaborated with Fiore Beauty to show how it’s done. Photography was done by Scott Clarke Photo.

DIY Glitter Heels

100 Layer Cake gave the step-by-step guide to how to embellish your heels with glitter, giving new life to some classic shoes. The video was featured on Lauren Conrad’s site. Shot by Scott Clark Photo.

Paper Flowers

100 Layer Cake wanted to show a quick, cute tutorial about how to make DIY watercolor paper flower decorations, and the video was turned around on a quick schedule. Photography done by Scott Clarke Photo.

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