KNSD of San Diego was offering a special giveaway for pre-season tickets to the San Diego Chargers. A 15-second broadcast spot needed to convey the sweepstakes, terms to enter, and also show off the energy and excitement of the team with official footage of gameplay.

Considering there were 10 weeks of games for the Chargers, and 10 drawings with 10 unique opponents and dates, one 15-second spot had to be customized for at least 10 games per season, and every following season.

With some simple formatting from the beginning of the project, one individual video sequence  can be dynamically updated as the match schedule is published, automatically displaying the correct team, dates, and season ticket design.


KNSD San Diego Charger Tickets


KNSD San Diego NBC

What We Did

Editing, Motion Graphics, Scalable Rendering

Final Result

An exciting broadcast-ready commercial spot that can be used in any district for years to come.

Custom, Scalable, & Optimized

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