To promote the launch of the video-driven, e-commerce website TopFloor in 2013, early sign-ups were entered to win pairs of Louboutin shoes. Simple, flashy, and fun, the video was cut into 15 and 30 second spots to allow to be used for online pre-roll ads, alongside social campaigns.

After selecting which Louboutin shoes were set for the giveaway, we simply used product shots as assets for the video, and licensed music to cut everything together. Rough patterns and overlays of light blurs and flickers give the images extra personality. If any shoes needed to be added to the offering, we could easily place them into the project with minimal time spent.


Louboutin Giveaway


Science Inc

What We Did

Producing, Editing, Motion Graphics

Final Result

A short ad spot to sign up users to the debut of the women’s fashion ecommerce store, TopFloor.

Custom, Scalable, & Optimized

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