Pipeworks Brewing Co. was founded in Chicago IL in 2012, and quickly developed an avid fanbase, particularly after raising their initial round of investment toward their brewing space on Kickstarter. They subsequently were voted “Best New Brewery” by RateBeer in 2012. Pipeworks brews beer as a “one-off” batch, developing over 150 recipes in over 600 unique batches.

We wanted to capture the feel and energy of this exciting and rapidly-growing microbrewery , while also preserving the aesthetic of their creative and hard-working environment. We scheduled the shoot to take place on brewing day, capturing footage of the staff cleaning, mashing, sparging, and bottle-prep, as well as getting a sit-down interview with Co-Founder and Head Brewer Beejay Oslon to talk about the history of the brewery and the close community of beer brewing in Chicago.


Pipeworks Brewing Co.


Pipeworks Brewing Co.

What We Did

Producing, Photography, Editing, Motion Graphics

Final Result

A short interview with Pipeworks Brewing Co. Co-Founder Beejay Oslon about the history of Pipeworks and how the brewing community has been in Chicago.

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