Looking Glass Children’s Videos is a video subscription service that lets your children explore the world around them in a whole new way. It was important to showcase short excerpts of the videos themselves, but we really wanted to emphasize that the app is safe for kids to use on their own, as well as still being fun and informative for adults, too.

Focusing on children using the app, we wanted to show young kids watching and engaging in their homes, and with parents also able to share in the adventure that the app brings. The video cuts between families watching videos on the app, and clips from the videos themselves.


Looking Glass Children’s Videos


Science Inc.

What We Did

Co-Founder, Producer, Photographer, Editor

Live Video Production

Shot throughout Southern California, Looking Glass Children’s Videos focused on small businesses and interesting people in a variety of subjects. A small team included Cinematographer, Producer, and Onscreen Talent, to keep schedules tight and budgets small.

Engaging Topics

Subjects of the 3-5 minute videos included point-of-view hand-gliding, hot air ballooning, ice cream making, extravagant model trains, and others, totaling nearly 100 individual pieces.

Virtual Workflow

All Cinematographers and Editors were out-of-office contractors, working in a completely collaborative, virtual environment. Our Producers made all schedules through cloud-based software, so everyone worked quickly, affordably, and comfortably.

Custom, Scalable, & Optimized

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