Virgin Mobile holds a concert festival in Baltimore, MD that is free for anyone who has volunteered hours of community service. Causecast and ReGeneration filmed a four-part documentary short series featuring volunteers in New York City and Chicago, the festival in Baltimore, and two homeless youths receiving the benefits of the service.

Causecast created two camera crew teams to film in Chicago and New York City, then travel by the Virgin Mobile Freefest charter bus to Baltimore, filming the volunteers traveling to the concert festival. The design was to fit the Virgin Mobile Freefest design aesthetics and attendee demographics, but still telling the important story about organizations working to assist with young, homeless people.


Virgin Mobile Freefest 2010


Virgin Mobile

What We Did

Producing, Photography, Editing, Motion Graphics

Part 1: Virgin Mobile and Volunteering

Two film production teams were dispatched to New York City and Chicago simultaneously, on two separate excursions: to film volunteering projects highlighted by Virgin Mobile, and the bus journey to Baltimore for the concert festival.

Part 2: Volunteering

One-on-one interviews with the youths volunteering community service hours for the project, the founders of the organizations describing the issues being address, with a primary focus on youth homelessness.

Part 3: Virgin Mobile Freefest Festival 2010

Arriving to Baltimore, the 2010 Virgin Mobile Freefest featured performances by Ludacris, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A., Matt & Kim, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and many, many more. Also with rides, video games, public performances, the concert festival was a massive hit.

Part 4: Youth Homelessness

In New York City, two of the volunteers were homeless themselves. We focus on their lives, how they’re impacted by the services that some youth homeless nonprofit organizations offer, and what projects like the Virgin Mobile Freefest concert offer to them.

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